Friday, October 18, 2013

Santa Croce, 2013

Our last big stop in Florence was Santa Croce, about which we blogged in 2011 at Here are just a few additional items.
Santa Croce from the Duomo

A better shot of the 14th century Donatello
Crucifixion that scared people

Yes, Santa Croce is the one that is sort of the national
pantheon of heroes...

Stern view, beautifully-painted timbered roof;
note the cat-walk that goes all the way around

Bardi Chapel, Giotto, early 14th

Agnolo Gaddi's late 14th frescoes of The Finding of the True
Cross are still being worked on, but promise to be brilliant
when done

Correction department, again: a Donatello
Annunciation; not Donatellos tomb

In the Brunellechi-designed Pazzi Chapel; more harmony,
geometry, pietra serena, etc.

Some of the ceiling, including della Robbias of the Evangelists

And what remains, after the 1966 floods, of Santa Croce's
July 4, 1442, skies...

Double-decker cloister, designed by

In the refectory, Taddeo Gaddi's Last Supper and Crucifixion

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