Wednesday, October 2, 2013

La Spezia

The camper sosta, with about twenty rigs, was on the south side of harbor, but easily connected to the city center via a 15 minute bus ride. La Spezia is a famous and busy port, one of the major ports of the Italian navy in the day. The old city is quite attractive and much more than merely a terminus of the Cinque Terre. Saturday I took the bus in to explore and ascertain schedules and costs, etc., of the trip to the very famous Five Lands.
Many beautiful old buildings



One part of the massive indoor market

Garibaldi rides again, in the pretty park by the harbor

Fisherperson stuff everywhere


Every Italian town has one of these, but we are getting
closer to the center now...

Sepulchre of St. Camembert
Walking by a smidgeon of the port area

A bit of the big camper sosta area

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Tawana said...

Yes, I think there are a few campers there.