Wednesday, October 16, 2013

San Marcos, 2013

The next day was San Marcos, the Bargello, and a bit of the Ognissanti, all separate posts. The San Marcos monastery was financed by Cosimo Medici, who sometimes retreated there, but is famous mostly for the works of the 15th century Fra Angelico, Fra Bartolomeo, and as the headquarters of the late 15th century demogogue Savanarola. We visited San Marcos in 2011, and our post from then is at Here are a few additional pix.
Interior of the San Marcos church; rather completely updated
since 1406

Fra Angelico was one of those transitional
artists, schooled in International Gothic,
tempura on panel, lots of gold leaf, pointy
things, static things...

And working for employers who expected it

But adept at fresco and the via moderna


And thus (all these in monks' cells)

And, out in the hall, the most famous of them

By a later artist, Bonfire of Savanarola; hanging in what is
thought to have been Savanarola's cell

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Tawana said...

Yea! Another place I have seen. There really have not been many places on this trip of yours that we have seen.