Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cruising Capri

We had visited Capri in 2011, accomplished much, and had a good time. But the small boats weren't running that day, there were no boat cruises around the island, and, most important, none out to the Blue Grotto. So we had to go back and fill in the big gaps. We were on the Circumvesuviana at 8:17, boarding the 9:30 ferry in Sorrento an hour later, and onto our around-the-island/Blue Grotto combo boat trip at 10:30. The Blue Grotto, next post, is of course something you have to do. But I thought the around-the-island cruise was one of our better scenic adventures ever. The island is entirely limestone, so it is covered all over with caves, grottos, arches, spires, sea stacks, and on and on. Our three 2011 posts on Capri are:, and
Sorrento's little marina

Unusually tall Tall Ship in Sorrento harbor; we saw it pulling
up in Capri that afternoon, then at Amalfi the next day; it's
the Royal Clipper; 227 passengers having their 19th century
maritime Roots experience; who knows, maybe even catch
a white whale

So we are off on our "short boat" trip...20 some passengers in
an open power boat and a captain who gives us a running
narration, both Italian and English, as we cruise around...
here, just out of Capri's grande marina, beginning to grasp
that the Blue Grotto is not Capri's only grotto

Ditto; Tiberias' place is up high somewhere

The Mediterraean is always an interesting color; here, the
shallow sand bottom gives it that Blue Grotto look; I tried to
explain to Vicki that this is the same color as most in-ground
swimming pools, but she was not having it

Really high up cave

Another grotto

In many cases the boat noses right up into them

Typical scenery

A natural arch, middle top

Sea stacks

It is obligatory to cruise through the arch; we did; later I'll
post my video of it to YouTube

Another grotto

More caves, more grottoes, etc.

Another huge cave, way high up

More typical scenery

Another grotto

And another

And another

Stalactites in the high up caves

And still more caves and grottoes

Ditto again; so, basic point: from an investment point of
view, Capri is still a good bet, even if the oceans rise a good
bit more...they have numerous back-up grottoes and grottoes
in the making, and they're all some shade of blue

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