Friday, October 18, 2013

Florence Out-takes, 2013

You walk around town for a week (we did take one administrative day, for laundry, provisions, rest) and you see a few curiosities and other things that don't quite fit the, um, narrative...
They'll be back in 2014

Probably not a case of "beans in their ears"

Ponte Vecchio gold shop model of the Ponte Vecchio

Florence has many 12th and 13th century
towers; often they're just adjoined to another,
modern building

Darwine t-shirt

At the Uffizi, Vicki said get a picture of the
police in their funny uniforms; so I asked
these two to pose

Shoe store near San Lorenzo

The contagion spreads...

For ablutions?

The old-fashioned way...nice stuff too

Not so nice, at an up-scale shop

Perfect parallel parking prize of the day

The antipasti station at Antico Ristoro di Cambi

A vacant building papered in phony dollar bills--a protest
again (US) capitalism, we wondered?

Of course there was a running event going on one of the
days we were there

A great year...

Always in style

Coat of arms of the Bottiglia family

We camped at Florence Park Scandicci, 241 Via di Scandicci;
12 euros a night; when you turn down the alley, turn right,
ignoring the nice young man who will tell you it's for storage
only and enticing you to his sosta, same everything, for
20 euros a night; bus #6 runs 3 or 4 times an hour and gets
you to centro storico in 12-15 minutes

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Tawana said...

Interesting first photo...that is what the Tea Party just tried to do in the USA.