Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cinque Terre: Monterosso

It started raining Saturday night when we arrived at the train station in La Spezia. The rain fell harder about 10PM as we discerned that La Spezia buses really did stop running at 8PM. We also discerned that taxis showed up at the train station only on the hour, when trains arrived. We finally got a cab and got back to the campground by 11:30PM, 16 euros poorer, but somewhat wiser. You'd think after five years of this we wouldn't be making elementary transportation mistakes. It rained, torrentially, nearly all day Sunday, but Monday dawned far more promising, and we were back on the Sestre Levante train, now to Monterosso, the farthest of the Five.
I think Monterosso is the most photogenic of them--here
we're on the beach, looking back toward Vernazza--but
Monterosso is the least "isolated," actually reachable by
car, and therefore, some say, not "typical"; of course all of
them are reachable by car, just not tourist car, and all have
been reachable by train since 1870; it's all just a bit precious
if you ask me 

Monterosso is also reachable by RV, which by itself should
be cause for its expulsion...

Having walked along the beach/boardwalk a bit, now looking
back to town

In the farther distance, Corniglia, way up on the hill

Beach fortifications

In town now

Looking at St. Giovanni's church...Ligurian
Romanesque; also Zebraesque


Attributed to Van Dyke

High water/mud mark from latest flooding

Monterosso street scene

Pretty coastline

Close encounter

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Tawana said...

I think I would not want to be in this region with it raining!