Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bargello, 2013

Inside the courtyard of the great fortress of
the Bargello; originally city hall, then the
sheriff's office, then the jail, it's now home to
one of the great collections of Renaissance
sculpture and many of the assorted Medici

A Giambologna 2fer: Mercury and Bacchus

Michaelangelo's unfinished Brutus

Michaelangelo's Tondo Pitti

Donatello's very early David

And his mature David, the first big bronze
done since antiquity; no, I don't think it's
better than Michaelangelo's, just far more

Donatello's St. George, formerly at the

In 2011, I think we focused just on the Renaissance sculpture,
missing much of the rest of an incredible museum, here, in
the Muslim of Florence's major trading partners
was Ottoman Turkey

Perhaps the biggest and best Muslim lamp
we have yet seen...all glass, 15th century

Smaller metal sculpture

Now in the Mary Magdalene chapel with...

Its fresco of Dante, closer up than in 2011

And this small crucifix attributed to

In the ivory and such room, reputedly one of the West's
largest collections

From Scandinavia...a knight from a Lewis
Island chess set? we wondered

Porcelains room...and much more

Just about every room is adorned with several
della's a large one in the della
Robbia room

And not least, the Medici bronze bird collection, from one
of the country villas, done by Giambologna

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