Thursday, March 15, 2018

Three Sisters, 2018, 1

After Rotorua, we drove to the west coast and one of our favorite places in New Zealand, the Three Sisters, north of New Plymouth. It is one of those special places where, at low tide, you can walk out among the the sea-stacks, the arches, the caves, and so on, and experience places that are otherwise  buried in a raging sea. Exhilarating! We visited in 2014 and were knocked out.
We arrived too late for the low tide, so went for a walk in the
headlands above Three Sisters

And a surprising view of Mount Taranaki, many miles to the
south, the North Island's big mountain/volcano

Along the river leading out to Three Sisters, the Tongaporutu,
an unusual spherical boulder, similar if inferior to those on the 
South Island at Moeraki Beach; we'll be looking for more in the 
Three Sisters area

A jandal (=sandal) wall at a bach (=beach house) on the road
to Three Sisters

Looking down the river, out to the Tasman

Next morning, low tide, sea caves

Big rock (small island) with all the features

Cave that runs its width

Caves, arches

And beyond

Big arch

Us, there


Three Sisters...well, the third one, out to sea now, fell down, but
a third has since appeared


Rebecca said...

This place is definitely going on the list! Very cool!

Tawana said...

Those caves and arches are awesome!