Thursday, March 8, 2018

Deco Echo Church In Wairoa

Near the Mahia Peninsula we came across this interesting church in Wairoa...
Initially I thought this was, at last, finally, an Art Deco church

N. B. the tower and its rounded top

The 1950s construction date suggested it was, at best, a Deco
Echo (as they say in San Francisco), however

An education/administrative wing had been added to the port
transept (which way do they point to Jerusalem in this

At length, particularly looking at the tower, I concluded it had
been designed maybe by one of Albert Speer's associates, who,
after the war, had emigrated to NZ; Vicki concluded it was
the ugliest church she had ever seen

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Tawana said...

Maybe I agree with Vicki about the beauty of this church.