Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rivendell, 2018

Our itinerary now took us across a bit of the island, from west to east, above Wellington, to Cape Palliser, the southernmost point on the North Island. Along the way were two LOTR sites, Rivendell, aka Kaitoke Regional Park, which we visited in 2009, and the Dimholt Road, aka Putangirua Scenic Reserve, which we had not heard of before 2018.
Our 2014 satnav, featuring the voice of Darth Vader, found us an
interesting shortcut, crossing perhaps 20k of single lane mountain
road; at least there were no tour buses

Aka Rivendell; we'd visited on a movie tour in 2009; it is still
one of the few LOTR places on public land where there is
official signage; augmented considerably, since 2009, by the
still operating movie tour companies

Official park signage

The rest added by the movie tour companies

Very informative

All these scenes shot nearly 20 years ago; Jackson
and Co. were particularly careful to see that
nothing was harmed, that only footprints were
left behind; seriously; it's New Zealand

Famous Legolas pose; tour visitors are invited
to pose similarly

Thus, myself, in 2009

In 2018, been there, done that pose

"Mordor, Gandalf, is it right or left?"

Tree seen in movie

Well worn props for a tour group visiting while we were there

Some visitors bring their own props

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Tawana said...

Love the Legolas pose from 2009! You are a brave soul to have that recorded!