Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cape Palliser, 1

Not many miles beyond the Dimholt Road is Cape Palliser, the North Island's southernmost point, and a free DOC campground, right on the beach.
Cape Palliser

And its lighthouse

Along the way, a beach house, or "bach" (batch), as Kiwis
call them

Facilities at the campground; we've never seen one cabled-down;

We considered parking on the pebble beach

But decided not; at our age, proximity to the bathroom outweighs
scenic view in priority

This is the end of the road along the southeast coast; a couple
hundred miles north to the next coastal pavement the road does
not go ever on from here

Night-time light house

Next morning I climbed up to the light house and its deck

252 steps, the sign said

Leftover old hauling machinery

Nice views of the sparse environs

The DOC campground below

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Tawana said...

Yes, proximity to the bathroom is a necessity!