Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rotorua, 3

Concluding our fun two days in RotoRooter...
Another adventure shoppe

Daughter Rachel had warned us of such establishments...tastes
like chicken?

Everything's up to date in Rotorua...
Beautiful art deco piece at a 2nd hand store...$269 Kiwi

Memories of beef lomo and Malbec...just a year ago

And just when you expect it least...the NZ drum
and pipe championships!

Scotland the Brave!

The beautiful Bath House, again

And adjacent in the Government Gardens area, the historic
Blue Baths

Currently being set up for a wedding reception

Bowling greens and petanque!

The Rachel Pool

212 degrees F!

And, lastly, the so-so Thursday evening market

1 comment:

Tawana said...

That bath house is indeed beautiful. What fun to happen upon the pipe band competition!