Sunday, March 4, 2018


Not a word about 1066 here, but a nice quiet-looking town, near Hawkes Bay, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, home to NZ's second-largest wine-producing area. And art deco buildings similar to Napier, a bit further up the coast. Hastings was affected by the same earthquake that leveled Napier, and much of it too was rebuilt in the style prevalent of the 30s. We enjoyed having a nosy.
The afternoon before, March 1st, we camped at the Clifton Beach
Preserve, right above the pounding surf

In a bit of a gale, looking toward Napier

And toward Cape Kidnappers

You gotta be proud

Anyhow, some of more interesting art deco we
saw in Hastings

Main street; like so many off the beaten track NZ towns, it's
a time warp back to the (US) 50s

Love the AD street lamps

Murals right and left too

And sculpture

Clock tower

So how many city park fountains have you seen bisected by RR

Piece de resistance

Nice, interesting town

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Tawana said...

Interesting architecture...and the fountain. Hmmm.