Thursday, March 1, 2018

Old St. Paul's Cathedral And Katherine Mansfield Birthplace

I wanted to see the old St. Paul's cathedral--19th century timbered Gothic--and Vicki wanted to see the Katherine Mansfield house, so our long day's walk continued.
Down from the botanical garden and therough the Bolton St.
cemetery, which we found unusually sparse for a central settlers'

Until we realized it was bisected by Wellington's central
expressway and that some thousands of graves had to be
relocated up the hill; note interesting iron tombstone...

Inscriptions quite effusive in those days; or maybe
engravers were cheap

One of several Maori

Moving right along, through the government center: the Beehive,
NZ's parliament building

Monumental view

More government buildings 

St. Paul's, Wellington's original Anglican cathedral, 1860s

All timber

And Gothic too


Probably not 13th century

More of the growth vs. historic preservation thing

And beautiful art decos scattered all over

Central expressway

Katherine Mansfield birthplace

A short story writer of note; Rebecca teaches a
couple of her stories; she died quite young

The US embassy, occupying the site of the family house where
she lived most of her life

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Love that church!