Friday, March 16, 2018

Mangahue Natural Bridge

Next up, a few more ks up the road, was the Mangahue Natural Bridge...
Natural bridges, like limestone caves, require moisture

Sediment oozing from a crack...

A boy and his drone (illegal on DOC preserves)

It's actually a double natural bridge, upper and lower; we've
seen similar, maybe even a triple, on the South Island

The natural bridge, part of it

Creek below

Stalactites above 
The rest of the loop hike took us through a pasture

More interesting rocks

Oyster fossils


And more interestingly fluted rocks

Best, the road back to Te Kuiti afforded a great distant view
of Mt. Ngauruhoe, many miles to the south

Also Ruapehe (?)

Smoke not rising from the Mountain of Doom, as it was in 2014,
both ascent and exploration and descent

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