Monday, March 12, 2018


We proceeded on to the small city of Gisborne, staying two nights at the marina freedom camping area right downtown. We enjoyed nosing around Gisborne just as much as the other east coast small towns we have visited.
Interesting sculpture all around

Garden next to the marina

Gisborne prides itself on being "the first city to see the light..."
international date line, etc; this is of course arbitrary, since the
Greenwich meridian might as well have passed through Paris...

More sculpture

And some art deco here and there; Gisborne wasn't affected by
the 1931 earthquake as much as Hastings or Napier

A great deal of historical signage

Obligatory clock tower

We're very much into girl scouts things presently

The free camping area, Sunday afternoon


A gift from China on the occasion of the 2008 Olympics

The marina, interestingly, was mostly out-riggers of various

I love cities that have this kind of self-regard

Not to mention historical/literary associations: here is Sir Guy
of Gisborne, that is, Basil Rathbone in one of his iconic roles
(he's reading the death sentence for Sir Robin of Locksley)

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Tawana said...

Love the sculptures and gardens.