Thursday, March 1, 2018

Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War

Having been to Gallipoli and many other WWI sites, we wanted to see Te Papa's current temporary exhibit, "Gallipoli: The Scale Of Our War," put together largely with monumental and monumentally impressive exhibits by Weta. The scale of Commonwealth participation, and sacrifice, in the World Wars is often not fully appreciated. (Ask me about Dieppe).
By no means our first visit to Te Papa Tongarewa, the wonderful
national museum

The central exhibits are 3x-4x life-sized and the most convincingly
life-like I have ever seen

All based on the experiences of 8 individuals

We were at ANZAC Beach in 2010

All kinds of subsidiary exhibits, artifacts

Understandably, very little from the Turkish side

Trench warfare...

Model of an NZ fort

An NZ nurse learns that her brother has been killed

A respectful note from Ataturk; when we were at Gallipoli,
there were numerous visitors from Australia and New Zealand
at the battle sites and cemeteries

Gallipoli, with its 500,000 casualties, was a mere skirmish by
WWI standards; the Kiwis who survived were then shipped off
to France and Belgium to an even worse hell

Flanders Fields...

An eloquent evocation of the fact that the Maori were a large
part of NZ's WWI effort; they argued that effort could not be
considered national unless they were part of it

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