Sunday, March 4, 2018

"You Must Take The Dimholt Road"

Along the southeastern bit of the North Island, not many miles from its southernmost point, Cape Palliser, is Putangirua Scenic Reserve, aka the Putangirua Pinnacles, and as the North Island's "badlands," and finally as the setting for the Dimholt Road scenes from LOTR's Return of the King. It is off the beaten track and, understandably, one of the least visited LOTR sites. The Road leads into the mountain of the dead, from which none return, where even the dwarf is terrified to go...

It's all 2-3k up a supposedly dry creek bed

The trail turns toward the head-wall, and Vicki, who is ahead of
me, disappears; she forgot to take Narsil with her, too; meanwhile,
as I am recording the drama, a bee climbs up my pants and stings
me right on the kneecap; hike over

I am not reacting as serenely as Legolas might have

A look back down the trail

Much of the rock here laden with fossils

Most of it--all of the pinnacles--conglomerate
Despite the injury and pain, I have added to the cairn; testament
to those who have traversed the Dimholt Road and returned

Looking back to the bay

The real roads are scary enough
Very badlandy


Rebecca said...

Sorry about the bee sting! But your travails made for amusing blog fodder, so there's that, at least!

Tawana said...

Yes, sorry about the bee sting. Glad it was only that and not something much worse.