Saturday, May 11, 2013

To Angers

We proceeded on, further west, to the city of Angers, our western-most destination at this latitude on this trip. Some views on the way...
Not all that far from Brittany, our first dolmen since 2010, the
Dolmen de la Fontaine de Son

And--we'll be crossing the flooded Loire shortly--here's our
first Chateau of the Loire, Montrueil-Bellay, not all that
famous, but stunning enough

And thus we land at the municipal aire in Angers, right on
the Quay Monge on the River Maine, a few hundred meters
from everything

View from the driver's seat

The cathedral across the bridge

Artsy view

And the Angers Chateau, which we'll tour Friday; best
thing is, courtesy of the Department of Maine et Loire,
the camping aire has free wifi! We're getting spoiled!

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