Monday, May 27, 2013

Beauvais: Saint-Etienne Windows

Because of collapsing vaults and revolutions and wars, etc., there is not much stained glass to see in Beauvais, but there are at least a few very nice Renaissance pieces at St. Stephens, most done by one Engrand Le Prince.
Great color

Great demons; feeding miscreants into the
Mouth of Hell

Great light on the floor

Which Vicki loves

More hell and damnation; we are both very sure we have
seen the guy on the right before, in stone, somewhere...
Orvieto? PS Well, not exactly, but close: see the last item of

Curious subject and pose

Ditto; hacking up a sarcaphogus?

Upper branches of the ever popular Tree of

Another nice demon

St. Martin, or possibly someone else, giving
a piece of his cloak to a beggar

Interior of the WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!!!!!!

And, walking down crypt-ward to the tomb of some
locally-important saint (St. Firmin actually spent the night
in Beauvais; in prison), a nice Eviction

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