Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cruising The Dordogne

One of the things one does in these parts is a rented canoe ride or a boat cruise on the Dordogne. We checked out the canoe rentals, considered Vicki's surgically-repaired shoulder and my increasingly achy one, and opted for the goofy boat ride. See illustration. This was as close as you can get here to Disneyworld or EuroDisney...a very short ride (7 km), scenery no better than the road, a ridiculously silly and contrived audioguide story, narrated by a river boater of bygone ages, surrounded by unhappy 3 and 4 year old boys who became very unhappy when the boat turned around and Johnny Depp did not appear. Mike Fink's keel boat rides, en Francaise. And not inexpensive. Part of the learning experience.
One the boats; there is a name for them, but those pages of
Rickie Stevie were ripped out and are now gone...

Perhaps canoeing would have been the wiser choice; we
would have washed up in Bordeaux

A chateau

Cliffs, observation tower

More scenery, river, chateaux

End of cruise, a bridge, a chateau we'll see
better the next day

Interesting...a privately-owned 66km fishing creek

A grey heron; or possibly, egret or short-beaked pelican

Canoers and kayaker

Arriving back at La Rogue Gageac

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