Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grotte De Font De Gaume

Next morning we got out to the Grotte de Font de Gaume by 8:30 to stand in line, in the cold, me, by myself,  for tickets for the 11AM English tour. As with other real caves, they only allow a small number of people in at a time, with a guide, under strict control, only a few groups a day. By 9:45 I had the tickets and by 11 we were in the cave. As I observed elsewhere, this is the last of the polychrome caves open to the public--you can see replicas of Lascaux and Alta Mira (we have)--but this is the last one standing, so far known. There is a strict no fotos policies, and so all I have below are off the web. But it is a sight to see. 15,000 years old, give or take. Mostly bison, but others too. In poses facing each other. Wonderful.
You'd think a World Heritage Site could get a new coat of
paint every decade or so

The terrain


Self-portraits at the entrance, dressed for the
chilly interior


Reindeer, horse

More bison, maybe an ibex; the guide thought it was pretty
funny people from Montana would come so far to look at
dead bison

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Tawana said...

We went here several years ago...had our hotel arrange our tickets, so we just showed up in time to go inside.