Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sarlat Market

We timed our visit to include Sarlat's Saturday market, said to be one of the best. It encompasses 10-12 blocks of the main drag plus half a dozen side streets, some general merchandise, but mostly food, augmented importantly by all the entrail and truffle and wine stores.
The aire de camping cars at Sarlat--overflowing into other
lots, streets...

A bit of the market

We bought our goose entrails from this nice lady, who
convinced with two generous samples

More market

Author/illustrator signing a book for Penelope

Plaque for Andre Malraux, the Minister of Culture
responsible for much of France's cultural preservation and
restoration post WWII

Ever more market; we may have over-
stimulated this economy, buying foie gras,
a bottle of Montbazillac, walnut oil, cake,
poulet roti, the book for P, some chocolate,
dinner, plus all the usual cheese, olives,
veggies, fruites, etc. One tends to force-feed
oneself in these surroundings; perhaps it is
an act of solidarity with the geese...

Le Badaud, The Onlooker

And friend

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