Friday, May 17, 2013

Bourges Cathedral of St. Etienne, Windows

Bourges is not known particularly for its great 12th and 13th century windows. But we found them clean, well-identified, low-down, particularly in the ambulatory, so low-down you could touch them. A singular experience!
The colors are no less amazing than Chartres:
here, Lazarus and the Rich Man

The axe-man cometh

Last supper, Mary Magdalene washing Jesus' feet

Someone getting baptised

:Prodigal Son window

A major part of what we like about reading these windows:
here, (the window) a gift of the Brotherhood of Butchers

Beautiful color; here, the Discovery of the
Relics of St. Stephen

Window of the Good Samaritan

Detail from the Judgment window

Kiss of Betrayal

Nice devils

Nero setting something on fire

Glass-blowers window

International Garment Workers' Window

Joseph being put down into or taken up from the well; I
could go on...there are scores of windows and hundreds of
scenes, some obscure to our 21st century eyes, many quite
plain and easy to see in our 21st century ways

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