Saturday, May 11, 2013

Poitiers: Baptistry Of St. John And Church of St. Hilaire-Le-Grande

Our walk about old Poitiers continues...
The Baptistry of St. John, a 4th century Christian building,
reputedly the oldest such in France; indeed, pretty old;
unfortunately, closed for lunch, 12:30-3, so we missed the

Big square and Hotel De Ville, obviously re-done pretty

Church of St. Hilaire-Le-Grande; 11th century, with many
modifications; this is a seriously interesting Romanesque
church; and very old

Nave view; what's interesting is the forest of columns,
resulting in 2, maybe 3 side aisles; some accounts say the
original wood roof burned--they always do--and it was
decided to go with a stone vault; but the distance to vault
was too great, so additional columns and interior buttresses
were added for the effort; the result is pretty interesting
and unique

Thus; much experimentation was going on
in these days, developing Romanesque,
hitting on ideas that would become known
as Gothic...

And thus: ever seen an interior flying


Much old frescoe here

Arched barrel vaulting in the transept, with interesting crack

Vaulting in the nave and crossing

Windows with cobwebs

More frescoe

West facade; this church has been through a lot in the past
going-on-10 centuries...100 Years War, Wars of Religion,
Revolution; but to me there's not a hint of a sculptural
program here, certainly not what one would expect of a

A few monsters high up on the east side

And Chip and Dale

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