Friday, May 31, 2013

Amiens 2

Outside, south side of the apse, a forest of flying buttresses


A line of gargoyles

View from the Somme

The Sommes in Amiens

After only a few hundred years subsidence
was noted in the building--the cathedral is
only a hundred meters or so from the river--
and huge metal spikes such as this were
driven in various places; that was the 16th
or 17th century, I think; things have held
up well enough since...

View of the great cathedral from the south side, along one
of Amiens' fashionable streets (we took a lunch break);
note interesting playground

Back at the cathedral later, we ran into a group of young
school-children en field trip; decked in their little striped
vests, each one wearing a big name-tag, with picture,
contact information...

Nothing quite like the enthusiasm of children

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