Wednesday, May 8, 2013

La Rogue Gageac

Thus engorged, we decamped and drove on the few miles to the village of La Rogue Gageac on the Dordogne. This was aided in fact by our crack satnav Tom's finding many ingenious shortcuts across the beautiful rolling countryside, some of which may once have been intended for 4-wheeled vehicles. La Rogue Gageac is totally touristy but has a nice setting and another aire de camping cars, this one not free but not expensive. We settled in, explored the town, investigated the recreational opportunities, did a river cruise (next post), had a repast, took a hike up the cliffs, and rested. Tourism is hard work.
La Rogue Gageac, from the river, which is at this point quite
wide, deep and fast; it passes through by many such cliffs

Walking about La Rogue Gageac


Repast of poulet roti from the Sarlat market
and white asparagus from Cahors (I think the
wine was left-over Ribera from Spain)

Another hike

Looking down on the pretty public park and aire at La
Rogue Gageac, and the Dordogne

Part of the cliff collapsed some years back,
destroying several homes and killing three;
but it's a view to die for...

The limestone apparently retains heat so well it is possible
to have plants here otherwise not possible at this latitude
in France; here, walking back down to the aire, we are
emerging from a bamboo forest

The Dordogne does flood from time to time,
marked on the stones at the left of this
buidlings; the highest about 8 feet above
street level

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Tawana said...

Oh, but the Dordogne is one of my favorites, too. I really love this area of France. It is touristy, but not TOO touristy. The scenery and towns are typically French. The markets are so much fun, and the food in this area is wonderful.