Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drive-By Chateaux-Shootings

So we think that in our previous travels we have covered the basic chateaux of the Loire. Our slides from 79, 86, 89, 93, and so on, would suggest so. We visited or revisited a few more, as subsequent posts will show. But for some, we just took pix as we drove by.
A chateau, on the Loire

Ditto; well, a keep, that is, a partial chateau; notice it's a really
BIG river



Part of Chinon

More of Chinon

Still more of Chinon

Vicki at Rigny-Usse, one of the fewer than 10,000 European
castles said to have been the inspiration for Minnie Mouse's

Azy Le Rideau; in whose aire we camped like true Europeans,
occupying the last square mm of space

River at Azy Le Rideau

And, one of the better ghost-sign assemblages around

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Tawana said...

I have been on the road, to Northern Missouri with Diana, then on to Chicago to haul wedding gifts to Cara, so am behind in reading your blog. I love all the chateaus, though. We saw all of these last summer. I am sure that I lived in one of them in a past life!