Thursday, March 1, 2018

Wellington Sunday Market

We had read good things about the Wellington Sunday market, next to Te Papa, and, Sunday morning, hoping for something as good or even better than Nelson's market, we set forth...
En route; subliminal suggestion

The market...turned out to be strictly a dozen or
so food carts/trailers/trucks

I finally had a nitro coffee...another "once in a lifetime" experience

Porridge stand

"'murican mustard"

Still, there was much to like...

Chilean food trailer; authentic, too, we can attest

Doesn't take much to have a food stand here

Next to the harbor, every now and then something odd washes
up; this I think off a Cook Strait ferry from a couple years back...

Welly's a great food town, especially if you fancy Asian food

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Tawana said...

Love the Orange Juice sign!