Friday, March 23, 2018

Waipu Cave, 2018: The Glow Worms

The main attraction at Waipu is the glowing worms, lots of them, which you can see for free, without the Disney production values of the many commercial caves. You can stay as long as you like, and, most importantly, you can take pix. Our little Panasonic Lumix travel/zoom does pretty well in the circumstances. (Forced flash off).

As for the canapes, first catch your glow worms, then spread them onto slivers of pappadam (the salt complements the worms' natural sweetness), taking care they don't wiggle off. Wash down with a triple IPA. The worms are rich in Omega 3s and also phosphorous. Within 20 minutes, your effluents will glow in the dark.

OK, now, to view the pix below, wherever you are, turn off the lights and give your eyes seven minutes to to enlarge.


Rebecca said...

I imagine this is rather more impressive in person, no? :)

Mark said...

Yes, definitely. Your M is the expert on glow worms and has paid actual money to see them. I am sure she'll have advice.