Friday, March 23, 2018

Waipu Cave, 2018: The Cave

We visited Waipu Cave in 2014 and had a memorable and great visit. In 2018, as with other things, we wanted to do even better. And we did, getting way further into the cave than before and seeing ever more glowing worms. Whole galaxies of them. Even black holes. Plus I had another opportunity to perfect my recipe for glow-worm canapes. Next post.
A fluted limestone assemblage within the DOC campground;
in France I would say this is definitely man-made and certainly
neolithic; also oriented to the summer solstice sunset; oh well

Maybe 100 meters from the campsite, the entrance to Waipu Cave

Now in the cave, about to step in the little knee-deep creek that
runs through part of it

Moving further in

And further

And now in darkness, where we stand and wait the prescribed
seven minutes for our eyes to adjust; it takes a bit longer with
passing morons shining their flashlights in our faces, but,
veterans that we are, we persevere

A glance back at the cave opening

So now we are inching forward in the wet cool darkness, our glow-
worm safari underway; but I decide that the cave is also of
interest, qua cave, and so every now and then take a picture using
the flash; by this point we are more or less alone and not bothering
anyone else; much

Definitely a stalactite sort of place

Such stalagmiites as there are tend to be large moundy things

Still wading in the creek

Vicki poses

Way further in now, under a low ceiling, I spot a tiny fish/snake/

Low ceiling

At this point I am satisfied that we have gone far enough and
that the glow-worm show is not getting better; reluctantly,
Vicki agrees, and we retreat

Back into the larger chambers

The entrance, a dim light at the end of the tunnel

Back in the light

Vicki emerges after yet another successful spelunkment

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