Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tui Brewery

After Cape Palliser we decided to stay on the east (Pacific) coast for a while. We had done much of the west coast in 2014, but had never done the east coast much north of Napier (until Coromandel). The east coast is much more sparsely populated, more Maori, but just as scenic, and unhurried. It turned out to be a good choice. After wading through the customary Kiwi sheep drive, and deciding not to visit the New Zealand Stonehenge (to be addressed in the next "Quaint, Curious, Quirky..." post), we stopped for a late lunch at the Tui Brewery, south of Woodville. Tui, I imagine, is to the North Island what Speight's is for the South Island, that is, the national beer. Both have breweries that are fun to visit, Tui particularly, as explained below. We never spend money on brewery tours, BTW, preferring to spend it instead on the beer.
Original brewery

The tour site

Humor everywhere

Several beers on offer

I limited myself to three; they were not memorable, as beers
go; the food was even worse; but that's not why you come here

The decor following a certain theme

In the museum

Informative and amusing

Some years ago Tui's "yeah right" ad campaign was famous
and still remembered

You get the picture

Best of all, the brewery has a billboard where you can create
your own "yeah right" message

There is a smallish brewery on the premises, but I think this
must be like Ben and Jerry's in Vermont, an old or original
site, for tours, while most of the ice cream is made in a huge
modern plant way up the road somewhere; or in some other

Part of the tour we eschewed


Rebecca said...

Nice sign!

Tawana said...

Love the billboard! Settle? Soon?