Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tolaga Bay And Its Great Wharf

We drove on from Gisborne on Tuesday morning, March 6th, heading further up the east coast toward the East Cape, New Zealand's easternmost point and indeed the first place to see the light. Along the way were bays, wharves, churches, volcanoes, and vast seascapes.
Also seals

The big thing at Tolaga Bay, other than the scenery generally, is
the old wharf, 660m long, early 20th century

Like other such wahrves in NZ, it was built to facilitate loading
of commercial vessels, mostly with ag stuff; the wharf fell into
disrepair in mid-20th century, when road traffic replaced sea-
going vessels; but has now been restored as a cultural/heritage

Need any driftwood? The east coast of the North Island is a
good place to look; also to learn surf-boarding

Very mild and regular surf; this day

Large sea cave; the crashing reminded me a bit of Fingal's Cave,
Inner Hebrides

A whole long cliff's worth of sea caves

And islands in the bay

End of the line

Looking back the 660m

An arch!


Beginning surfers

Last look


More wit

Another beauty

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Tawana said...

Lots to love about this area. The Bibby family must have been interesting. The arch is cool. I was a little concerned about the surfing class on that debris strewn beach, though.