Friday, March 16, 2018

Three Sisters, 2018, 2

Continuing our walk on the beach at Three Sisters...
After a bit, we seemed to have encountered an obstacle

An impasse, it seemed

We were right at low tide, we thought, so we sat down to wait
for the tide, which waits for no man

A possible way through reveals yet another impasse

Exploring a bit, I find another big cave and perhaps a way through

Bold explorer

But the way is blocked by a boulder cave-in

And we reflect that we have had enough fun
and that the next impasse is really serious

And so we head back to river and the camp

Bidding adieu to the Three Sisters

And Taranaki

Neat place

Kiwi neighbor at the freedom camp

Almost exactly where we camped in 2014

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Tawana said...

You need a little decoration on your van...