Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tane Moana

Tane Moana is one of the big Kauri trees in this region, and we thought the hike out to it would be a good day-starter. So we drove back to Ngunguru and up the 3k of gravel to a wide spot in the road and the track's beginning. It was not to be...
So far so good; no mention of the tree, but it's the right track

Yes, yes

All right already

This should have been a clue, a portent...right by a stile, absolutely
the biggest cow patty ever 2.5 feet wide

The trail went across a field, through some pleasant bush

But then continued on a road thoughtfully lined by beehives;
very active beehives; very aggressive bees; another retiring
action ensued; I had already exceeded my limit of bee stings
for this nation; we concluded the locals were not particularly
welcoming of visitors to Tane Moana

Nice countryside though; just google Tane Moana to see pix of
the tree...short, squat, not really one of the more impressive

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