Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stone Store, Kerikeri

The Methodist missionaries got to New Zealand almost before the whalers. Not far from Russell is Kerikeri and the Stone Store, part of an 1820s missionary complex, New Zealand's oldest stone structure and oldest store. I'm not sure it's been in continuous operation, but currently it's operated by DOC, with period-costumed salespersons and features old-timey merchandise. The hit for us, however, was New Zealand's oldest "exotic" tree, a pear tree, still going, planted in 1819.
Helpful model #37,684: the Kerikeri basin and its historic
buildings; thanks to a rain the night before, the model's basin
is actually flooded

Big old trees abound

As do historical exhibits

Epiphytes in a beautiful pohutukawa

The Stone Store

Assorted old-timey merchandise


"Fush and Chups"...don't ask me

Muy importante: mass production...

More history

Photo from Zane Grey's fishing camp not far
from Kerikeri; Zane Grey?! star,
dentist, writer, sportsman, Buckeye?! Indeed

The 199 year old pear tree

Indeed; still looking for the partridge

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