Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Return To Rotorua, 2018

Our British friends Chris and Hilary, who led ("escorted") the southern Africa tour we did last fall, are in New Zealand, on yet another Worldwide Motorhome Holidays tour, and we were able to get together for drinks back in Rotorua where they were camped. After a pleasant evening in motorhome-friendly Matamata, we drove an hour back to Rotorooter and scored one of the three free campsites right on the lake (heated, of course).
Lakefront action

Under an immense fogbow

Even the crew were amazed

En route to Chris and Hilary's campground, we walked through
the Ohinemutu Maori village, pretty much unchanged since 2014

Our Lady of the Fumaroles


Note above-ground grave sites; also heated

Water feature (gaseous state), residential area

No water heater? No problem!

Waiting for Chris and Hilary's meeting to end, we watched the
local rugby club practice; this is how you block opponents' kicks
in rugby

We had such a good time talking about Africa and New Zealand,
I completely forgot to snap any pix of them or us; the above is
from Senyati, Botswana last autumn, one of our innumerable and
always delightful braai; Hilary is the blonde blur, Chris just to her
right; great to see them again

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