Friday, March 16, 2018

Piri Piri Cave

On the way back to Te Kuiti there were a couple more stops of note, DOC scenic reserves, the first of which was the large Piri Piri Cave. Importantly, it was here I learned the proper Australasian spelling of the South African hot sauce (peri peri) I came to like last fall.
Fluted limestone everywhere; of course

Vicki at the edge of the abyss; it was wet and yucky inside so
she did not go any further

Sans flash

Avec flash

Incipient stalactites

Incipient stalagmites

At last I found the way out

1 comment:

Tawana said...

I'm with Vicki...wet and yucky and I want to stay outside, but your photos of the inside show some interesting things.