Friday, March 16, 2018

North Of Three Sisters

We still had some low tide left and so drove back to the Tongaporutu and then north to Rapanui Creek, again to look for spherical boulders and other things of interest.
An impasse to the south, so we turned back north

Sphere candidates

A recent cave-in; very recent methinks

Another impasse

Another candidate

So at the impasse there is a cable hanging down
and steps cut into the rock going up
Foolishly disregarding issues of balance, weight, and strength,
I haul myself up to see what was on the other side

More potential spheres

More beach

Another impasse, and a rising tide

Remembering that "the mountain will still be there next year"
(but maybe I won't) I let myself back down

And carried on in search of spheres

Primitive digging implement used in a futile attempt...this puppy
is about a meter in diameter

Emerging from a layer of sediment

Another candidate

The black sand beaches here are laden with iron and now and
then it is on vivid display

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Tawana said...

Glad you gave a dimension of the white spheres. I was wondering how large they were.