Monday, March 5, 2018

Napier, 2018

We visited Napier in 2014, and were impressed, both with ts history and its architecture, and I did two posts:, and We were back again this year and stayed at a freedom camp on the beach, again, about a mile down from the city. Much of that mile is walking track, playgrounds, garden, and other civic things. We head from locals, later, that Napier has become a cruise ship stop. We saw no signs of this during our brief visit, but hope this beautiful and historic little town won't be cruisified the way so many others have been.
For kids learning to ride their bikes: a safe practice track,
replete with traffic lights, signs, rotaries, the works



Climbing structures


We were about 3 weeks too late for the annual
Art Deco Festival

Napier was leveled by an earthquake and
subsequent fire in 1931, but rebuilt in largely
Art Deco style in the years following; much
of the architecture persevered and is now
lovingly (and profitably) cared for

In another city park


Art Deco graphic, of course
Still processing this one; someone help me!

Inside the city theater, completed 1938

Costume shoppe

Did I mention the whole Marine Parade, a mile or two, is planted
in now-mature Norfolk Island Pines?

Skateboard facility for little ones


Rebecca said...

Wow! That bike park is very cool--and so is the town. Definitely on our list!

Tawana said...

Lovely town.