Thursday, March 29, 2018

Maitai Bay

From Tokerau and Doubtless Bay we drove on to Maitai Bay and spent much of the day there walking the Merita beaches, several of them, each separated by a little rocky bit or hill. Beautiful broad sand beaches, low tide, sunny day...and great trees on the shores too.
Maori presence

Miles of mostly-deserted sand beaches, gentle surf...

Attempted pano

On an ebbing tide

Bivalves emerging

Gazillions of them; but the whole area is closed for regeneration;
no harvesting shellfish or other fish until 2020; by of the local

At Tikitiki we saw what is reputedly the largest of pohutukawas;
but I swear this one is just as big, and therefore the Grandmother
of Pohutukawas

Standing for scale

Too big to capture in a pano

Boulders on the beach

A dolmen? Yeah, right

At low tide all these beaches have got to be a couple hundred
yards of sand to the water

Beyond the bay, more islands, stacks...

More giant old trees


Unfriendly-looking marine specimen

And our favorite Oyster Catchers

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Rebecca said...

Those trees are giants! Glad you stood for scale--I had no idea!