Friday, March 2, 2018

Last Days In Welly

Our next to last day in Wellington, February 26th, it rained all day--our 5th or 6th all day rain in New Zealand so far this year--and we hunkered down in Rooby, at the Evans Bay Marina, reading, blogging, and planning. Next day, the 27th, we drove up to surburban Porirua, Plimmerton actually, for an appointment to get Rooby checked over, a new water pump  installed, and other minor items. Cruzy Campers, from whom we have rented Rooby, has an excellent reputation for maintaining their vehicles, and this was about the mid-point of our 80 day rental.
Before the rain, I did some more walking in downtown Welly;
here the beautiful art deco fire station

The city abounds in sculpture

And this example was right at the marina

Scores of self-contained motor-homes enjoying the freedom
camping at the marina

Packed in quite tightly

A bit of the marina

Rooby; to the right is a French-type personne from Bordeaux;
he and his wife were traveling/working NZ for a year; I doubt
that NZ's tourist infrastructure could survive without the
thousands of young persons, mostly from Europe, who come here
on working holiday visas

Like sardines; but nobody complaining

At a memorable outdoor furniture shoppe in Plimmerton

View from Plimmerton beach


Huge croquet club

Nice folks here

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Tawana said...

First time I have ever seen a Croquet club.