Monday, March 19, 2018

Hobbiton, 2018, 2

It is a place of amazement, even if you are not into this stuff. The most amazing thing is that, according to our guide--and it was certainly true of our group--a full 40% of Hobbiton visitors, mostly international tourists, have not read the books nor seen any of the movies. Evidently, he speculated, these people are either a) dragged along by friends or relatives, or b) are visiting merely to impress their more literate friends or relatives. Every ten minutes a different bus from the Shire's Rest arrives to begin the two-hour tour--Disney would be impressed--and there are luncheon tours and dinner/candlelight tours available for big bucks. We looked into the dinner tour but found it was booked several months ahead, and they were already taking Christmas reservations. Amazing.

Bag End

"The road goes ever on and on/Down from the door where it began..."

Every now and then, a possibly inadvertent reminder that this
is Holly-/Wellywood

Sam's house

The Gaffer's (?)

At the Green Dragon

The party tent, where they do luncheons, dinners, and special
events...weddings, etc. (the themed weddings are said to be
spectacular); Vicki says the dinners are at the Green Dragon

As we ride back on the bus to Shire's Rest, Sir Pete thanks us
on video for visiting; he owns 50% of the profits...

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Rebecca said...

I can't wait!!!! We are definitely going to have to plan ahead so we can do the dinner!