Monday, March 19, 2018

Hobbiton, 2018, 1

We visited Hobbiton in 2008, when it was still in its neo-natal state from LOTR, and again in 2014, after it had been rebuilt for The Hobbit. And preserved for posterity. (Several posts: Confirmed Ringwaifs that we are, we could not miss seeing it once more. And taking more pix. Apologies for duplicates. At least they permit comparisons...about Hobbiton and about my psyche.
It's end of summer here, yet everything is still in fullest bloom,
fruit ripening everywhere...

There currently are 44 hobbit-holes--facades--in Hobbiton

Every attempt to make it look a lived-in place

Smoked fish

While the guide is not looking, Vicki enjoys a juicy ripe

Every now and then you can look up at the gorgeous countryside
and remind yourself this is still a working farm, with 6,000
sheep, twice that number during lambing

But also a movie set

Tear-down; probably to become a hobbit high-rise or hotel

Us at the baker's hole

Looking across the lake to the Green Dragon

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