Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cathedral Cove, 2018, 1

A few kilometers up the coast from Hot Water Beach is Cathedral Cove, another of those marvelous places where, at low tide, you can commune with the sea stacks and caves and arches. Cathedral Cove is on the Coromandel, one of the North Island's tourist hot spots, and thus far more crowded than, say, the Three Sisters on the Tasman side. But this was a cloudy Saturday and there were actually few sun worshippers out that day.
On the Pacific side of the Coromandel

You park in town and either walk or take a shuttle to the
start of the 4k track that goes out to the Cove; the scenery is
magnificent all the way

Marine and bird reserves out there

Silver ferns and pines

In Cathedral Cove; OK, it's a Gothic arch, but not much more than

Pohutukawas cascading down the cliffs

Glorious place!

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