Monday, May 16, 2016

Woolbeding 2

Continuing our visit to Woolbeding Gardens, near Midhurst...
Hermit's Hut; we thought it was a Gothic tiki hut

Now in the woodland walk, interesting borders all around

In the small pond

Major water feature

Looking back to the Chinese bridge

In the bird hide

Anti-squirrel housing

Looking back across the meadow

First view of an impressive oriental plane tree

In the orchid house

Up close with a conifer

Closer up with the plane tree


Now in the hornbeam walk, a pleached tunnel we very much


Impossible to say where one tree begins and another ends

Terrace garden; last stop on our tour of a most interesting garden

PS...a favorite thing omitted:a rootery, over near
the bird hide

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

This part was spectacular--love all of the winding green tunnels and paths. And we need that squirrel-repellant bird feeder.