Monday, May 2, 2016

Amsterdam's Tuschinski Theater, 1

I happened onto the Tuschinski Theater last year, walking in the Rembrandtsplein. It is open for audio tours only from 9:30 to 11:00 in the mornings, and we never made it back that year. The facade is striking enough, but stepping into the lobby for a peek was a thrill. We vowed not to miss it in 2016.

The theater was opened in 1921, by Abraham Tuschinski, a self-educated entrepreneur who had already opened four cinemas in Rotterdam. The Tuschinski Theater is an amalgam of Art Deco, Jugendstil, and Amsterdam School...but mostly Tuschinki's own taste, his interest in the emerging art form of cinema, and his desire to build a theater that itself would be a work of art. He succeeded. It is one of the world's great theaters, and something not to be missed in Amsterdam.

Again, I took way too many photos and can't bear to edit them down.
Street facade

Tower domes

Giant dome of main lobby

Behind the counter

Tuschinski, below two of the architects

Entrances to the foyer and main hall

Stairs up to balconies

Dome above balcony foyer


In balcony foyer

Big dome above balcony foyer

Changes colors...

More decor

Stained glass, door to smaller theater/cabaret

Still changing colors

Balcony side foyer


View from balcony...plushest, roomiest seats I've ever seen
in a theater; but no drink holders!

Balcony view of stage


Stage wing

Tons of interior decor, thematically related

More decor

Still in the balcony areas


Ditto again

Great stained glass, foyer seating


Now in the special VIP room, above the stage; added later

Artwork behind the bar


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