Monday, May 9, 2016

Brussels' Royal Museum Of Fine Arts, 1

As one might expect, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts is known especially for its collection of northern masters, one of our interests, so we had to visit. Alas, the Old Masters section has been under renovation (asbestos removal) for some years, and the exhibit is much reduced. Nonetheless it is world-class and is especially strong in paintings by our favorite painting family, the Breughels, Peter the Elder, Peter the Younger, and other son Jan.
Nice Annunciation, possibly by Robert Campin, a contemporary
of van Eyck 

Panel on Justice under Emperor Otto, by Dirk Bouts, mid-15th;
note the frame tracery exactly matches that in the panels; also
note also the burning lady (witch?)  in the right panel

Really nice Bosch, Triptych on the Temptations of St. Anthony;
now reckoned a copy

One of several Rogier van der Weyden works

Very famous Cranach Venus and Amor; Amor has
gotten into a bee hive

Old Masters is the upper bit

Now into the Breughel room...Elder's Magi

Elder's Fall of Icarus (saw something similar in Rome, in

Elder's Expulsion of the Angels (nasty angels)

An Elder Breughel Winter Scene (more famous one in Vienna)

Elder's Census in Bethlehem; most interestingly, on the
adjacent wall hung Younger's almost indistinguishable copy 

Younger's Kermess, Theater and Procession

Detail from the Bethlehem census

Younger's Combat of the Carnival

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