Monday, May 9, 2016

Brussels' Royal Museum of Fine Arts, 2

I could have gone on with the Breughels--there were more--but there is much else of interest in the Old Masters section.
Our Breughel interest was fueled by a wonderful collaboration
between the Museum and Google, "Unseen Masterpieces," which
took a closer scholarly/creative look at several of the Elder's
paintings, and particularly the "ousting of the angels"; these were
shown in the Breughel Box, as above, a separate large room at
the beginning of the Older Masters section, and at kiosks in various
places; really enriched the experience, illuminating relations
among the works, the culture, philosophical and religious issues... 

Moving right of a number of Anthony
van Dyke paintings, a portrait of Father Jean-
Charles Della Faille, SJ

Jan Breughel's Aeneas in Hades

A Quentin Massys genre piece,  A Banker and a Woman

Jacques Jordaens, The King Drinks

A Snyders still-death...made me think about dinner

Rembrandt, Not A Self-Portrait

Steen's, The Rhetoricians...

Hals' portrait of Franz van Heytheusen

Teniers' Archduke Leopold William and his Gallery of  Italian

Pedro Pablo's Jesus and the Adulteress

Never miss a Claude Lorraine....Aeneas in Africa

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