Sunday, May 15, 2016

Petworth Park

On assorted walks into and around Petworth Park...
The Ionic Temple

Not many rhodos planted here, but the pinks are doing fine


And thus

And the whites

Nice specimen redwood

Blue Bells among the ancient trees

Gnarly city

Path leading from the courtyard to the grounds

Rhodos and the Ionic temple again

Doric temple; we are still looking for the Corinthian...our set
is not complete

The purple rhodos are not quite there yet

Handkerchief tree

Flowery detail

The lake/pond from the boat house

Looking back to the House over Brown's characteristically
serpentine lake

The boat house

Odd duck

Vicki reciting "Under the spreading chestnut tree..."

"Go Bucks!!!"

At the private end of the compound


Tawana said...

We saw those odd ducks in London on the Serpentine and on the pond in St. James Park. Interesting birds.

Rebecca said...

The handkerchief tree is amazing! I've never seen one of those before.